Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New Internet Wireless Access Point Finished
On Feb 17, Kevin Browne, the UC Natural Reserve System engineer for building wireless and other networks, visited Hastings. Previously, we installed the required power and boxes. Jaime provided a great new steel pole set in concrete for the antenna. Kevin installed the hardware and made all the settings. Significantly, the new Hilltop access point provides far better access to the School House. Also, we can now mount a sophisticated web camera on the Hilltop that can see in 360 degrees. This will give a far better view of the weather and conditions at Hastings. Kevin was able to set up our new firewall and free up 4 public IP addresses for the upcoming woodpecker voice detectors. When he arrives with the camera in about a month, we will switch from the omni directional white pole antenna to one that simply covers Madrone Canyon, the Headquarters and School Hill.

Kevin checking the connections; view in back is School Hill. New antenna on left is broadcasting. The other set up is the CDF Remote Access Weather Station.

Yagi antenna (jagged metal bit in center) collects wireless signal, and it is re-broadcast by the white antenna behind Kevin. Madrone Canyon is behind Kevin in the photo.