Friday, September 10, 2010

Berkeley Graduate Students
On the weekend of Aug 20-21, about 32 students from UC Berkeley, Department of Integrative Biology, spent the days socializing and walking around Hastings. Here they are at the top of Poison Oak Hill, with Junipero Serro peak in the distance. Many slept under the stars. I gave them an introduction to the natural history on Saturday morning. They had a great time and who knows? Maybe a few will include Hastings in their graduate studies. Those attending: Jeremy Crawford, Matthew Boser, Rosemary Romero, Allison Stegner, Mel Yang, Marc Badger, Michael Landis, Lucy Chang, Katie LaBarbera, Renske Kirchholtes, Dave Hurt, Zhang Boran, David Armitage, Benjamin Peter, Jenny Hofmeister, Laurel Barchas, Anna Geraghty, Jenna Judge, Charlene Ng, Nick Matske, Emily Lindsay, Bier Kraichak, Liz Ferrer, Sean Reilly, Sarah Werning, Tracy , and Darko Cotoras. photos by Nick Matzke.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Carmel Steelhead Association Fish Rescue- Finch Creek
Finch Creek, amazingly, continues to flow. However, the water temperature is rising and flows are well under 2-3 cfs. So, time to try to catch the endangered Carmel River steelhead (aka native, local genetically distinct "Rainbow Trout"). Oncorhynchus mykiss. Frank Emerson, Brian LeNeve and a crew of 6 more scoured the plunge pools, and hiding holes in Finch Creek from the Hallisey House up to Martin Road. They are pleased to report they found 8 pretty good sized ones, and 250 smaller, young of the year. These were all removed to the large, cool, permanent water in the Carmel River below the Los Padres Dam. Then Mike Jones generously donated a great dinner to the fish rescue crew!