Monday, July 26, 2010

Shrieking Mice? How about Singing Mice.
Lily Dayton wrote an engaging article on the Monterey Herald newspaper (7/20/10) on the singing deer mice discovered by Matina Kalcounis here at Hastings. I would say the mice "sing" . [permanent links at Hastings website]. But Lily and Matina are agree the mice shriek. Well, it all depends. We don't hear them in any case as the sound is produced at frequencies higher than our ear detect. If one uses electronics to divide the frequency by 10, the mice whistle (listen here). If one divides by 22, the sound comes across as an eerie wail (listen here). Anyway, an intriguing article. Thank you Lily and Monterey Herald newspaper. Imagine being surrounded by small animals that sing all night. What empires and wars unfold around us every day without notice? The world is rich in detail; we miss so much.