Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New People at Hastings!
We are happy to welcome new Hastings residents in the Red House. Eric, Julie Jo, and Torrey recently moved here from Vermont. Eric had a postdoctoral position at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire where he was studying the effect of fragmentation on trophic interactions in Coastal Sage Scrub habitat near San Diego. Julie Jo was working at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center as the laboratory manager on a project looking at cell trafficking. Prior to that, Eric and Julie Jo were in Tallahassee, Florida; where they both completed postgraduate degrees at Florida State. Eric was looking at competitive interactions among species associated with Red-cockaded Woodpecker cavities. Julie Jo was studying freshwater phytoplankton communities. Eric will be working with Walt at Hastings to look at the possible role of ecological constraints in the evolution of cooperative breeding in Acorn Woodpeckers. Julie Jo will be working with Torrey to make sure he stays out of trouble during his 3 years at Hastings.