Monday, April 21, 2008

Summer Field Assistants Arrive
Our summer field assistants have arrived and replaced the previous Roberston House crew. We look forward to a great summer with them each. Walt Koenig’s acorn woodpecker research assistants include Andrea Gear and Ian Taff. Andrea is from England, with a MS in Conservation. She has done similar field research on lemurs in Madagascar, tropical birds in Panama’s Pearl Islands and caterpillars in Costa Rica. Ian is from Woodbury, CT and has a B.S. from Marlboro College (VT). Ian has been a research assistant in the Galapagos, with Darwin’s finches and has done studies in NY on warblers. Janis Dickinson’s western bluebird research assistants include Joe Cheshier and John Waller. Joseph(far left)is from New Jersey and has a BS from UC Davis in wildlife, fish and conservation. Joseph has been an assistant on bobwhite research in Florida and has worked in the vineyards of Napa Valley. John Waller (far right) has a BS from the University of Colorado and has previously assisted in a study of pronghorn in Montana.