Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greetings from Vince -

Thanks for the introduction Mark - enjoy Arizona.  You have left some pretty big shoes to fill (even with my size 13 feet!).  

Looking forward to meeting all the Hastings regulars, as well as new users, in the upcoming months!
Hello from Arizona! Mark Stromberg here. I have retired to Sonoita, AZ, and Vince Voegeli has been hired as the Resident Reserve Director. I am still working with the UC Natural Reserve System via telecommuting. Barb and I moved out in October, and Vince took over in January, 2012. I will be writing a book on the history, both natural and cultural, of the Hastings Reserve and upper Carmel Valley. Hastings is in good hands; stop by and meet Vince one of these days.