Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drama of Bees Up Close
For the last few days, Rollin Covill (UC Berkeley) and spouse have been at Hastings. Rollin is a co-author in an upcoming book, "Garden Bees of California" by long-term Hastings
researcher Gordon Frankie, his colleague Robbin Thorpe (UC Davis, Entomology) with Barbara Errter (plant specialists, UCB, Jepson Herbarium). Imagine looking at hundreds of carefully identified bees in these amazing portraits. We are pleased he could share them. Photo by Rollin is a Lasioglossum spp. bee losing itself the the yellow glory of a Hastings poppy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food and Nature: Fundraising Nature Walk
We will be doing another walk in the spring flowers at Hastings with a lunch by Michael Jones of Moveable Feast. We are trying to keep the numbers to an intimate group so the experience can be more direct. Thus, we are limiting the group to 20. We are asking a donation of $50/person for the education and research programs at the Hastings Reserve. Once again, Mark Stromberg will lead a natural history walk, a gentle walk, of about 2 hours. Mark will explain what Hastings does; mostly exploring nature and discovering some fascinating stories about the world around us. Then we will have lunch, either outdoors, under the new leaves of the oaks, or indoors depending on the weather. We can continue the walk after lunch with those so inclined, but will plan on a 10am to 2pm time span. This venue will include some of the food purveyors who have worked with Michael over the years, or those who have been associated with Hastings. As many of these professionals work weekends, we are holding this on a Wednesday. We will meet April 21 at the entry gate of Hastings at mile marker 26, 38601 E. Carmel Valley Road, where Martin Road and the Carmel Valley Road join. This is about 2.8 miles east of the Tassajara Road turn- off. Wear good walking shoes and we go in any weather. The wild flowers should be hanging in there; they would just be a bonus to the whatever we see. Hastings and Moveable Feast are holding these events quarterly, with each season, so we do have a waiting list for the next event. Call 831 659 2664 to make a reservation.