Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greetings from Vince -

Thanks for the introduction Mark - enjoy Arizona.  You have left some pretty big shoes to fill (even with my size 13 feet!).  

Looking forward to meeting all the Hastings regulars, as well as new users, in the upcoming months!
Hello from Arizona! Mark Stromberg here. I have retired to Sonoita, AZ, and Vince Voegeli has been hired as the Resident Reserve Director. I am still working with the UC Natural Reserve System via telecommuting. Barb and I moved out in October, and Vince took over in January, 2012. I will be writing a book on the history, both natural and cultural, of the Hastings Reserve and upper Carmel Valley. Hastings is in good hands; stop by and meet Vince one of these days.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On August 29, 2011 Carmel River Steelhead Association crew did a fish rescue on Finch Creek. The creek will soon be drying out, and some of the fish were captured and moved to permanent water below Los Padres dam. Nearly 200 fish were moved from about 500 feet of creek. Remaining fish (many) will take their chances here. Who knows? Maybe the creek will flow until winter rains, but it seems unlikely. Frank Emerson, Brian LeNeve and several volunteers, including Ari (Carmel Middle School).

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Busy Times: Housing Upgrades, MPRPD K-12 Camp
We have been really busy since January this year, working on upgrading the buildings. With funds from the state Wildlife Conservation Board Prop. 84, we were able to replace the Red House with two new cabins, and replace the wiring, windows and plumbing in the School House, Ranch House and Hastings Cabin. These buildings look untouched from ten feet. But within, they are renewed. Yes, the ropes on the Hastings Cabin windows porch are gone, but the walls and ceiling are insulated. The entire porch is livable year-round. We replaced the few old windows in the Hallisey House, and added insulation to the east and north-facing walls. And finally, we finished the road access and decks around the two Red House cabins that replace the old, falling down Red House. Modular cabins were built and delivered by Valley Home Development. Sage Building Solutions, with Larry Daniels and Craig Novak were our contractors for the renovations in the houses and the road, parking and deck at the Red House cabins. Slide shows for the houses can be seen if you click here.
We also had two visits by the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District K-12 summer camp. The kids had a great time. We look forward to having them visit again next summer.